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Guang Zhou You Bei Wen Hua Fa Zhan You Xian Gong Si

ADDRESS: Zi Bian 1305-A5 Hao, 13 Ceng, 6-8 Hao, Zhong Shan Da Dao Xi, Tian He Qu, Guang Zhou, Guang Dong
Brand Department: ubest
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We ship your ordered ubest to you for free as long as you live in UK, Austrilia, USA, Canada and the order value is over £30.00. If you want to get it shipped somewhere out of those countries, please contact us through the form below.

We accept Paypal & Credit Cards. You can pay through credit card payment option. Or if you want to through direct bank transfer it´s also no problem.

Most likely we have to build your ubest after you placed the order for it. So please give us 2-3 business days to produce and process your order to have it ready for shipment. If you order a www.u4best.com standard text weaving one, it´ll most likely be faster. After processing your order and boxing it ready for shipment it´s not in our hands anymore. Depends where you live in the world the time of delivery could vary. But we here at the ubest think for a good product only for you the waiting is fair! Hope you think the same. Thanks for being laid back.

Online shopping got really secure over the last years and so did online shopping with our system. We build the store with standard industry web design components so there was loads of security testing by the professional developers involved. Our databases are hand picked and so your details are at a save place and will never reach third parties. You can also checkout your order through a guest account, that means we won´t save any data of you, only the one we need to ship it to you which will only have a record in our order archive. As far as the payment goes there are professional payment gateway service provider chosen by us like Paypal. Paypal is one of the most secure way to pay online these days. For more information please visit www.paypal.com