ubest Cat Scratcher Lounge With Ringing Balls

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ubest Cat Scratcher Lounge With Ringing Balls

It is made of non-toxic corrugated paper that is safe for your cats.
Two balls with small bell inside can highly increase your cats interest.
The board one can also for your cats to have a rest when they get tired, a perfect lounge.
Satisfies natural scratching behaviours, helps protect furniture from claw damage.

Better not to use catnip for kittens younger than 6 months.
The catnip is a natural plant with distinctive smell that will not be harmful to your cats.
Please know that different cats may have different response to catnip, some may feel exciting but some may show no interests at all.
Actual color of the ball may vary.

Your cat will enjoy ripping this up and lounging all over it when they tire themselves out.

Two shapes available:
Pyramid: 28x19x19cm, weight 0.5kg.
Board: 45.72×24.13×11.43cm, weight 0.5kg.

At ubest we’re committed to providing top quality pet products and accessories of most kinds. We aim to provide you with a fantastic service at great prices on all of our pet supplies.  The size of this cat scratcher is 28x19x19cm. Made of non-toxic corrugated paper, safe for your cat to play. The catnip will come as a gift, it’s a natural harmless plant with distinctive smell which will makes your cats more happy during playing. You can also add some inside the bell-ball. Two sides of the scratchers that allows your cat to play with his/her friends. Pyramid design that offers good stiffness and it’s not easy to cause deformation. Another board design for better resting, a perfect lounge. Avoid putting it under damp or high temperature conditions.


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